1. What is JAKPAT - Open Survey Platform?

    JAKPAT is an open survey platform where you can submit a survey easily and get real-time (not just fast) survey result through your dashboard from Indonesian mobile respondent.

  2. How it works?

    All you got to do is sign up to our dashboard, submit your survey, define who to target, and make a payment. We’ll send your survey via push notification to our mobile apps used by over 168,105 respondents from Indonesia.

  3. What will I get if I do research with JAKPAT

    Fast - Get survey result in real-time

    Easy - Don’t know what survey to create? Use templates and match your KPI

    Accurate - Our respondent has been through 3 steps verification and all answers are validated for each survey.

    Cheap - It’s way cost effective compare to traditional ones. start USD 0.5/respondent

  4. How does JAKPAT got their respondents and how valid is it?

    Introducing our Respondent management system.

    First, we apply 3 steps verification system.

    • First, Facebook data we validate respondent fb data as a real person.

    • Second, is phone number verification.

    • Third, is valid ID Card verification.

    Second, we use both paid advertisement and referal system to get our respondents. As for paid ads, we only use segment targeting paid ads in which refers to specific user segment. And we’re keep adding more and more respondent to ensure faster and less error result.

    Third, our system enable client to control and validate user answer.

    • Survey displayed one question for one page.

    • Survey question displayed as text typing animation to ensure respondent reads all question before answering.

    • Survey question and answers can be displayed randomly to avoid straightliners.

    • Client can add control question to compare answer consistencies.

  5. For what purpose can I use JAKPAT for my business?

    We have prepare survey templates that can be used to help your business research. You can use JAKPAT for any research purpose from:

    • Brand tracking

    • Defining Market trend

    • Defining Market demands

    • New product development

    • Concept testing

    • Product testing

    • Customer Satisfaction

    • Public Opinion

  6. How do I begin?

    To start create a survey , please sign up and login to your dashboard.

  7. Can I get a trial?

    Yes for sure. we offer free trial survey for your first survey toward 100 respondents with 5 question. We’ll provide you with basic targeting tools in your first survey. Please go to our landing page and go to Free Survey section to try out our free trial

  8. How can I activate my account?

    After you sign up, an activation email will be sent to your email. Please click the link to activate. If you didn’t get any email please contact our help team through chat on landing page or directly email to partner@jajakpendapat.net

  9. How to create a survey from the dashboard?

    Please go to menu Survey and click Create survey to begin.

  10. How should I set end time for my survey?

    There are two ways your survey can be stopped whether it’s already reached your target respondent quota or it’s already pass your expired date. For example, if you create a survey targeting 100 respondent, your survey will be stopped after 100 respondents answer your survey. But if your survey expire time is in the next two hour but there is only 75 responses after 2 hours your survey will automatically stopped.

  11. How should I choose survey category?

    Please choose category that close to the survey topic you’ve created.

  12. How should I set targeting for my survey?

    We provide a targeting tools for you so you will be able to send your survey to just specific segment that is your market or even to the whole respondent which representing the whole Indonesian market. For example, our targeting tool enable you to send survey to women only who uses Android and owns citycar or to Jakarta citizen who uses bus as public transportation, etc. Also our targeting tool enable you to target based on respondent that answers your previous survey.

  13. What are types of questions available for me?

    There are several types of questions available for you from checklist, multiple choice, open ended, scale and priority.

  14. What is checklist question type?

    Checklist is a type of close ended question where you can choose more than one choices to some available options.

  15. What is multiple choice question type?

    Multiple choice is a type of close ended question where you can choose only one choice to some available options.

  16. What is open-ended question type?

    Open ended is a type of question where you can freely type your answer.

  17. What is scale question type?

    Scale is a type of question where you must choose from specific scale can be from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10

  18. What is priority question type?

    Priority question is a type of question where you must rank options based on priority toward available options.

  19. What is custom option in checklist type?

    Custom option in checklist enable you to add negative answer so when respondent chooses negative answers, they can’t choose other option. Custom option enables you also to create option in which when respondent choose that option he or she will skip all remaining questions. This custom option settings can be used to drop unnecessary responses.

  20. I have submit my survey , but there is no answer yet.

    After you submit your survey, you must finish your payment before your survey is live. Our payment method used paypal or bank transfer for Indonesian banks.

  21. I have pay using bank transfer, but my survey status still unpaid.

    If you pay using bank transfer, we will review your payment for some minutes and get back to you via email to notice that your payment is received and your survey is being reviewed.

  22. Will my survey be translated if I use other language?

    Yes for sure, our open survey platform provides free translation for survey that written in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese,etc.

  23. When will my survey be live?

    Your survey will be live to our mobile respondent after the review process is over. After the review process from our research expert is finished, you can check your survey before it’s going live. The review process of your survey usually took 30 minutes to 1 hour depends on how many questions you created and also whether you will need translation service or not. During review process your survey will be prior tested to 5-10 respondent to make sure your question is understandable. Our research expert will provide review result in Comments section for each question.

  24. Can I edit my survey after I submit it?

    Yes after you submit your survey and our review process is finished you can still edit your survey once again. But after you edit it our research expert will review it once again. We will give you 60 minutes for you to check the review result from our research expert and after by your confirmation we’ll send the survey live to our mobile respondents.

  25. Will I be notice if my review process is finished?

    Yes you will be noticed through email and we’ll ask your confirmation before your survey is going live.

  26. Can I edit my survey after the review process?

    Yes after you submit your survey and our review process is finished you can still edit your survey once again. But after you edit it our research expert will review it once again. We will give you 60 minutes for you to check the review result from our research expert and after by your confirmation we’ll send the survey live to our mobile respondents.

  27. How if I have special request to change after the review process?

    Before we send your survey live to our mobile respondent, you can reply our confirmation email with your special request and let our team responds directly to you to work on your request.

  28. How can I know my survey is live or not?

    You can check on menu Survey , when the color bar in your survey is red it means that it’s not live yet. But when it’s white it is live. We’ll notice you when our administrator approve and send your survey live to our mobile respondents.

  29. How can I check my survey result?

    Go to your menu Survey, and on the survey list pick stats icon to view your survey result in pie chart and also click on people icon to view mobile respondent profile that is participating on your survey.

  30. Can I download raw data of my survey?

    Yes for sure, you can download raw data and also frequency table in the form of excel from your survey result and also respondent profile. As for respondent profile you will be able to download raw data related to demographic profile of the mobile respondent participated in your survey from ages, location based on province and cities, religion,occupation, and monthly spending.