Privacy Policy

JAKPAT are committed to protect your personal information .We comply with the guidelines established by the relevant agencies. This information can be changed in order to provide better service or responding to a change in government legislation or guidelines, privacy policy, in that case we will send you notice email.

Personal Information collected and how to collect

  1. Facebook Login
    1. All JAKPAT users must register using FB Login and via facebook Login we’ll take your personal information from name, date of birth, no of friends, education and work information, etc.
    2. We’ll use your FB data for verification. Only FB user with minimum 50 friends would be our valid respondent.
    3. JAKPAT won’t distribute any information regarding your FB names and data to clients or external parties and keep the information inside JAKPAT’s company
  2. Phone Number
    1. All JAKPAT users must verify their phone number to be a valid respondent.
    2. We’ll collect phone numbers as verification proof and also for reward distribution.
    3. JAKPAT won’t distribute any information regarding your phone number to clients or external parties and keep the information inside JAKPAT’s company
  3. ID Verification
    1. All JAKPAT users must report their valid ID which can be in the form of KTP, SIM or Passport (Indonesia)
    2. We’ll collect ID through Personal Profile Survey.
    3. JAKPAT won’t distribute any information regarding your ID Card and data to clients or external parties and keep the information inside JAKPAT’s company
  4. Basic Profile and Tutorial
    1. After the verification process in the registration, user will be asked basic profiling question to used as basic verification data and also segmentation targeting by client.
    2. There are two types of basic profile survey
    3. First, is about demographic profile of yours : age, religion, gender, location, education, profession, industry, income and expense level.
    4. Secondly would be more detailed about:
      1. IT / mobile: Smartphone usage habit, social media usage, online shopping habit
      2. Transportation: motor and car possession, transportation cost, etc.
      3. Health: wear lenses / glasses, smoking, sport, etc.
      4. Lifestyle: hobbies and life preferences
      5. Game: game type you are using, game genre preferences, game content, etc
      6. Home: Marital status, family members, housing type, home ownership
      7. Finance: The main payment methods, content, and response to a major bank financial topics, trading methods, type of credit card you use,etc
  5. Email SYNC/KUMIS program
    1. Selected users will be asked for permission to allow us read specific online transaction emails (we will not read other email contents that is not listed in the Email Sync/KUMIS Program terms and condition page).
    2. User can choose which email to be connected to Jakpat.
    3. Jakpat App will declare clearly in each of our Email Sync/KUMIS program Help page on what kind of email we collect.
    4. User can revoke anytime by remove permission access in their google account setting.
    5. User can see in Jakpat App recaps of data that are being read, in their transaction list.
    6. User data will be kept anonymous and your identity will not be shared to any third party.
  6. Passive collection method
    1. JAKPAT will also collect data passively from the smartphone usage includes:
      1. Apps installed
      2. Device used
      3. Operating system used
      4. Apps run time
      5. Device location
    2. Data will be used to verify single device ownership.
    3. Data will be used also for targeting survey.
    4. Data will be used for respondent profiling.

The purpose of data collection

  1. Client Survey
  2. Main purpose of data collection on JAKPAT is used for client surveys. Survey data will be given to client, but identity information won’t be given.

  3. Membership Management
  4. Information collected is used to ensure respondent validity.

  5. Segmentation
  6. Information collected is used to create segmentation on survey reports.

  7. Redeem Management
  8. Information collected is used to target specific respondents to give redeemed items.

  9. Email SYNC/KUMIS program
  10. Information from online transaction email will be used to help identify user profile segmentation.

  11. Other Research Report Other than Client Survey
  12. JAKPAT also produce different types of report other than survey.

  13. Partnership with Panel Provider and Third Party Provider
    1. We might also participate in a partnership with other panel provider and third party market research company for certain projects. If any projects are available we will inform you so you will have the chance to join or not to join the external survey.
    2. Regarding the partnership, we may also share your personal information and/or social-demographic information, including, without limitation, a unique identification number (“UID”), postal code, gender, marital status, education, ethnicity/race (where permitted by applicable law), employment related information, and non-personally identifiable information on household members, with third party sample/market research companies (individually each a “Third Party MR Company” and collectively the “Third Party MR Companies”) for the purpose of identifying survey opportunities that you may be eligible for through the Third Party MR Companies.
    3. If you are eligible for a survey opportunity, the Third Party MR Company will provide your unique identification number and a survey link to us and we will invite you to participate in the survey.
    4. We will not share your name, email address, or phone number with the Third Party MR Companies.
    5. In connection with the sharing of your information with a Third Party MR Company, your information may be transferred and stored outside of your country of residence, including, without limitation, in the United States.
    6. If you have any questions about this data sharing please contact +6274-5015293 using the details below or alternatively you can opt-out of the panel by revoking your account through the app feature.
    7. Your participation in such survey opportunities does not entitle you to any benefits offered by, or membership with, the Third Party MR Companies.

User Rights

  1. The user and his legal representative, at any time you have registered you may request the revocation of all data collected (including login and register data, survey answers, passive data, points and reward).
  2. User and his legal representative may modify their own personal information themselves at the app for phone number registered data by redo-ing the phone number verification in the setting menu.
  3. User and his legal representative may modify their own personal information themselves at the app for email registered data by changing the email in the setting menu.
  4. User and his legal representative may modify their own personal information themselves at the app such as jakpat id by change the id in the setting menu. Please note that jakpat id can only be used once.
  5. For no. 2 and 3 please note also the new number registered and email registered cannot be duplicated or been used by other jakpat respondent.
  6. Revocation cannot be applied for user that blocked by JAKPAT and that has identified as invalid respondent due to respondent’s own act. JAKPAT needs their identification and historical data to be able to identify further fraud.

Protection on Data

In handling the personal information of the user's company is theft, leakage, and loss of personal information, to prevent alteration or damage to ensure the safety and technical / administrative measures taken following.

  1. Password Encryption
    1. We store your password in one way encryption which means we do not know what your password is.
    2. Your password is known only by the person who knows the password.

  2. Measures against hacking
    1. We have done every effort to prevent damage or leakage of personal information by hacking or a computer virus company.
    2. We back up the data from time to time to prepare for and prevent compromise of personal information.
    3. All personal information are communicated through secured connections.
    4. Unauthorized access are prevented using firewall.

The content of privacy policy may be updated time to time, please keep on checking it in our website.

Announcement date: September 29, 2017

Effective Date: October 2, 2017